The remarkable story of Renomed’s scissors “I didn’t even know how attached I was to them, until I saw them broken”.

The morning on the 10th day of May was one of those moments when a totally unexpected e-mail popped into our inbox. We love hearing from our customers and though the message seemed to be bad news saying: ”My scissors got damaged,” it actually proved to be very optimistic and gave us more energy than a morning espresso.

Follow the story and read the message received by us:

I am writing to you to tell you that today my fiancé used my scissors (Renomed ones) to do some odd repairs at home which I know is not the purpose for which cosmetic scissors should be used and for this reason they got broken. I was very saddened because the scissors are my favourite ones – they have been used in my family for more than twenty-five years now as I got them from my grandmother.

Seeing them broken I realised how much I loved using them. I started to look for some traces of their producer’s name or something and though it was blurred, I managed to find you company’s logo on them.

I decided to find a perfect replacement for them – a similar pair of scissors from your online store. Unfortunately none of the pairs presented on your website nowadays looks exactly the way that the ones I have been looking for – could you please tell me which ones I should order? Which of your scissors will be the best “copy” of my favourite, damaged scissors? Attached are the photos.”

zniszczone nozyczki Renomed Pani Emilii
Broken scissors, made by Renomed 25 years ago.

I was astonished to see that the photos presented scissors that we had stopped producing about 25 years ago! The shape and the logo dated back to the late 90’s. Judging by the scale of the damage the scissors suffered, I was sure that we would not be able to repair them. But the fact that our customer treated them as a family treasure received from her grandma moved us a lot and we decided to produce a new pair of scissors for her – exactly the same ones. The broken ones – still as sharp as 25 years ago – will serve as a possession preserving family memories.

For us, the story captures the essence of a possession embodying family memories. We think that close family relations are one of the most important things in our lives. We also recognise the value of meticulous craftsmanship intended to last a lifetime.
That is why we have decided to share it with you – the case of one of the oldest products in our portfolio that meant so much to one of our customers.

Michał & Maciej Rucińscy

“For more than 40 years now, our products have proven to be meant to last for generations. We sometimes joke that when you decide to buy Renomed scissors, it’s the last time when you are buying scissors in your life. This might seem to be in conflict with our commercial interests. The risk is that when you manufacture well-made products, customers will never have to buy them again. But we are dedicated to crafting supreme quality. We rely on a simple calculation: you can find at least one pair of scissors in every household. If we managed to deliver our products to one percent of households in the world, we would be very busy until the end of our days. And we are fully committed to keep the company growing.”

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