Design at its very best

Unique design since 1981

In 1981 Donata Rucińska designed our first scissors, creating the distinctive style for which they are known. Check out the key features of our products and their unique design.

Unique design

Unlike traditional scissors, our products are not forged but bent into shape, meaning a more  sustainable production process thanks to less waste.

Half oval profiles

Half-elliptical stainless steel profiles are used to manufacture our products providing the distinctive oval shape.


Precise craftmanship

Our scissors are tempered, polished and sharpened manually. They are hand-made by our experienced craftsmen providing finest precision and quality.


All ranges of scissors are made of high quality stainless steel and tested for their ability to be sterilized and disinfected. Our scissors are registered as medical instruments.


The company’s products were endorsed by a number of awards won during various contests and exhibitions.

finalista konkursu (2013)