From a utility drawer to a museum cabinet — the beauty of an everyday object

We use many everyday objects without ever thinking about their aesthetics. What matters to us is their usability and suitability for our needs. Let’s use the example of a butter spreader or a bread knife, a broom or a non-stick frying pan. 

Or a pair of scissors. You probably have them in your drawer, maybe even several pairs of them: scissors for cutting paper, nail scissors or hairdressing scissors. We expect them to be durable and timeless. And how about a perfect marriage of utility and beauty? Just like the scissors’ blades that should be perfectly “married” together.  Why shouldn’t something we use everyday be also pretty?

Michał Ruciński

The beauty of everyday objects

“The combination of function and design in an object of common usage is a perfect option,” says Michał Ruciński, Renomed company’s co-owner. We now have a perfect opportunity to see such objects when visiting the exhibition launched by Centrum Kultury Zamek cultural centre in Poznań. The exhibition is called DIZAJN. Odłona poznańska (DESIGN The Poznań Way) and will last from 14 May to 12 September 2021. Among the objects that gain attention are Renomed scissors. They surely will not go unnoticed among the careful selected objects embodying the craft of Wielkopolska region. It’s no surprise that they were selected to be displayed at the exhibition — they have been known for their durability and minimalistic design since the 80’s and it’s not their museum exhibition debut:

“It is not the first time our products are exhibited as objects of functional design — the scissors designed by my mother are on permanent display at the National Museum in Warsaw as an element of the collection devoted to the icons of Polish design,” said Michał Ruciński.

We have set ourselves clear objectives for new business growth directions and product lines, but we also want to stay faithful to our traditions,” added Michał Ruciński. The pure simplicity of the scissors was designed by Donata Rucińska in 1981. Each pair of the scissors has been handmade by the finest craftsmen since then. 

The original pattern designed by Donata Rucińska

About the company 

“As a child, I used to visit my parents’ workplace and the workshop. Some of our existing staff members have been with the company since its inception 40 years ago. I used to ask them for help when my bicycle would break and today I am a member of the crew who leads up the business,” said Michał Ruciński.

Renomed company started from selling medical scissors requiring compliance with tight medical industry standards. After several years, the owners identified market demand for other types of scissors and instruments. They searched for new solutions to be able to respond to such needs, yet always committed to crafting the best quality. A few years ago, brothers Michał Ruciński and Maciej Ruciński, took their turn in running the business and focused on its growth. One of them is responsible for expansion into new markets and customer acquisition. The other one manages the production process and day-to-day business.  

Maciej Ruciński and Michał Ruciński with the Design Award (2016)

Apart from the exhibition, the products manufactured by Renomed can be encountered in customers’ bathrooms, at cosmetic centers, hair studios or even at some fishing spots! The first scissors designed by Renomed were originally intended to serve medical purposes, but then they surprisingly became very popular among a specific customer group. Renomed is one of the most popular brands that fly fishers across the world choose when looking for high quality. They are especially popular in Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway. Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and Canada, recently followed by the Republic of South Africa, the Republic of Serbia and the Czech Republic (as evidenced by the growing number of Renomed Pro Members). Renomed brand has become well-recognized among fly fishers, but the company’s objective is to expand into other market segments as well. They engaged in many unique projects to respond to customers’ individual needs, for example by designing scissors suitable for specific medical applications. The next target is to repeat the fly fishing scissors’ success by winning the cosmetic scissors market. 

Made to last

The company’s underlying mission is to ensure that every pair of scissors is perfect and lasts a lifetime. Its crew is dedicated to manufacturing supreme quality products: 

“For more than 40 years now, our products have proven to be meant to last for generations. We sometimes joke that when you decide to buy Renomed scissors, it’s the last time when you are buying scissors in your life. This might seem to be in conflict with our commercial interests. The risk is that when you manufacture well-made products, customers will never have to buy them again. But we are dedicated to crafting supreme quality. We rely on a simple calculation: you can find at least one pair of scissors in every household. If we managed to deliver our products to one percent of households in the world, we would be very busy until the end of our days. And we are fully committed to keep the company growing,” Michał Ruciński said. 

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