Black and Grey

Special edition of exclusive products

A unique collection for special occasions. Excellent design enriched by the refined, metallic colouring.
A limited edition that will make the perfect gift.
Manufactured in smaller batches. Outstanding   

Universal scissors US3 BLACK

58 €

An extraordinary product manufactured in small quantitoes to ensure it remains a collector’s item.

Universal scissors US4 GRAY

42 €

Cosmetic scissors CS8 BLACK

42 €

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Black and Grey

All Renomed scissors deliver high quality and unbeatable durability. They are designed to last a lifetime. No matter which product line you choose, they all have a beautiful design and are timeless. The exclusive and elegant black or grey coating is an ideal option for customers looking for a unique product. Designed for comfort, they are easy to use and meet high performance and esthetical requirements. Quality and elegance are the essential features of each of our collections.

Exclusive packaging

Each pair of scissors can be bought in a precisely-made wooden packaging. The product’s packaging won the iF Design Award 2019.

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