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Stanislav Mankov

I’m an avid angler, a life-long outdoorsman, and a devoted conservationist and naturalist, who has taken part in several river preservation projects. My relationship with nature has served as the inspiration behind my career choices thus far, and I’m continuously looking to further hone my skills. As a guide, I feel I’ve found my life purpose since it combines my fondness of nature, my passion for teaching, and my need for adventure, as well as gives me the opportunity to educate people and pass on my love for the natural world.
I am also into fly tying and have been tying my flies since the beginning of my fly fishing journey, which began when I was 14 years old. I like to think of flies and experiment with new materials and techniques. When I have time, I like to tie semi-realistic flies. I participated in a few fairs in Germany, England, Denmark, Holland, and Bulgaria. I desire to attend and take part in fares and shows all around the globe.