The Cosmetic Collection scissors were designed to provide maximum comfort to all users – both in general, everyday use at home as well as in professional cosmetic settings. They can be used for cutting fingernails and toenails and are safe for both adults and children.

The Cosmetic Collection includes small, universal, manicure scissors and profiled scissors with a thin blade to precisely trim excess skin of the cuticles from the nail base or in the nail corners. Each pair of scissors within the Cosmetic Collection was designed to meet its users’ needs. The series features special scissors for the proper care of toenails that are bigger in size. The baby nail scissors have a rounded tip to take care of babies’ tender fingers and toes and eliminate accidental piercings or cuts.

Looking for scissors that can be used to precisely trim your moustache or beard? Well, we have scissors made for this purpose. Tips of the blades were rounded and sharpened to help you with trimming your facial hair in a comfortable and easy way. All models were specially designed to meet various users’ needs.