The FlyTier – why should every fly tyer have them?

The FlyTier scissors are a must have for the coming fly tying seasons. They are a universal solution for every professional fly tyer. They perfectly fit into Renomed’s collection of specialist products.

Flies of your dreams

The FlyTier scissors will enable you to make small and medium-sized dry flies. They are also a perfect solution for nymphs and flymphs, spiders or deer hair fly tying. They will solve your problems with cutting tough materials such as foams or artificial skin.

Fly tying has never been more fun

The FlyTier are a medium-sized scissors that combine two unique features: SuperCut blades and Big Loops. SuperCut blades are extra sharp for cutting a wide variety of thick and heavy materials. They will ensure a high-precision cutting action no matter what you need to cut. The Big Loops feature will enable you to produce flies with ease and comfort. The large handles will make your cutting tasks more comfortable.
The FlyTier will give you precision and will greatly multiply your pleasure derived from fly tying.

Fly fishing scissors – choose the right blades

The FlyTier scissors come with two types of blades to meet every fly tyer ’s specific needs. They feature either straight or curved blades. Both variants provide extra sharpness and the SuperCut option that incorporates a unique serrated blade combined with razor-type blade. Thanks to this combination, the scissors are unique and ensure maximum durability.

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