Renomed Pro Members

We are proud inform that we have started to cooperate with true passionates from Fly Tying world.

We are happy to introduce Fabien Moulin (Norway), Guido Lauff (Germany) and Alexey Zorin (Siberia Russia), Tommy Simonsen (Norway) and Jon Hansson (Sweden).  All of them joined our Renomed Pro Members TEAM.


Fabien Moulin - Renomed Pro Member

Fabien Moulin

My name is Fabien Moulin and I am originally from Switzerland. I have been leaving in Norway for nine years.

I fish mostly with dryflies in the woods here at home for wild brown trout. Flytying and flyfishing are my passions, but winged wetflies are my obsession!

I like to ty all kind of flies because every category have techniques and patterns. Flytying is fantastic!

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Guido Lauff

My name is Guido Lauff and I come from Germany. I have been fishing since I was six years old, my father always took me along when he went fishing and that is how I got into it. Then, later on in 1996, I took up on Fly Fishing because of a friend of mine.

I fish in almost all German waters.  Germany has beautiful rivers with good fish stocks, with species like grayling, trout, barbel, salmon, sea trout, nose and chub, as well as many others. So it never gets boring!

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Alexey Zorin

Hi! I’m Alexey Zorin. I’m from Siberia. I’m a fly tyer and grayling hunter.

I have been dealing with fly fishing and fly tying for more then 5 years.There is nothing better than catching a fish on your own fly! And I prefer to make my own flies with high-quality scissors and tools!

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Tommy Simonsen - Renomed Pro Member

Tommy Simonsen

I’m a 1981 model, same year Renomed was founded. I’m father of 3 and have worked as a fisherman since age of 18.  I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember and I got my first fly rod at my confirmation day in ’96. I’ve been tying flies for just as long, but it was not on a regular basis until a few years back and I now try to tye flies every single day. I’ve also been so fortunate to reach the final in two consecutive national championships i fly tying here in Norway.

My passion for fly tying and fly fishing will never fade, it’s a hobby that brings joy and sense of achievement.

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Jon Hanson

My name is Jon Hanson and I’m a weird fly fisher and a passionate fly tier. Been fly fishing and tying flies since 1996 and worked in the fly fishing industry since 2004. I fish/tie flies for almost all european species, but I favor tying flies and fish for Brown Trout and Searun Brown.

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Takehiro Sasaki

Takehiro Sasaki lives in Japan with wife and son and currently works for C&F DESIGN. He is the lucky man with blessed life style as Fly Tying and Fly Fishing are his hobby and also work.
During the season, his daily routine is going out for fishing prior to work, he also enjoys tying small dry flies using Renomed scissor before the fishing.


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