How to maintain a beard the right way? Check out 4 beard care tips

If you have been wondering how to take care of your beard or moustache so that it always looks elegant and awesome, look no further. We have a few tips on how to better maintain your beard or moustache at home, without visiting your barbershop.

Whether you prefer a few days’ stubble or a full beard, either thick or thinner, it takes proper care and maintenance to keep your facial hair in tip-top shape. No matter whether you truly enjoy grooming your beard or not, or whether you have a lot of time for the perfect beard routine in the morning or not, your beard and moustache require cultivation. So read on to find out what to do to achieve your best beard possible.

Beard care tips: Wash your beard regularly

The right beard care routine starts with washing your beard. Make sure to wash your beard regularly with a beard shampoo – the correct shampoo will allow you to properly cleanse the bearded area and will make it easier to comb or brush it.

Beard care tips: Keep your beard hydrated

When you have a beard or a moustache, you probably know how important it is to keep it moisturized so that it looks its best. With a properly styled facial hair, you will create the perfect look. A high-quality beard oil will do wonders for your beard. Its easy application will add shine to your facial hair and soften it. Beard oils contain blends of plant oils, seed oils, nut oils or fruit extracts. They all have nutrients that help develop a healthier beard. Apart from containing a wide range of ingredients, they come in different scents that every bearded man will go crazy for.

Beard care tips: Style your beard

Does your beard have waves, curl up in some places or grow at different speeds? Remember that you should always trim or shape up your beard when it is dry because when the hair is wet it strengthens out a lot and will appear longer than it is when dry. Have your beard and your moustache shaped up regularly at a professional barbershop or at home by using appropriate scissors.

We recommend using our CS7 scissors designed for beard or moustache trimming at home. They have rounded tips, so they will not harm even the most sensitive areas. Their sharp blades ensure high-precision and a long cutting life.

Beard care tips: Use appropriate products

Remember to apply the right products to your facial hair. A professional wax and comb will surely make your beard be exactly how you like it. We recommend using products offered by Pan Drwal.

Written in collaboration with Pan Drwal, a men’s grooming products manufacturer.


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