Baby nails – how to cut them without hurting your little one?

Baby nails require special care and appropriate tools. Baby nail scissors should be sharp, precise, and sterile or disinfected to ensure maximum safety. Apart from the right instruments, you need a few tips to learn how to trim your baby’s nails in the easiest way.

How often should you cut your baby’s nails?

Cutting your baby’s nails can be a scary experience. Some babies are born with long fingernails, so you should start trimming them right away, even on the second or third day after your baby’s birth. The best moment for the task is when your baby is calmer, perhaps after bathing when the nails are softer than usual. As your baby’s nail trimming can be stressful both for the baby and yourself, it would be good to make the baby used to the nail cutting as time goes on and he/she gets older. Always remember to make sure that you have plenty of light, so you can see well.

Baby’s nail plate

Baby nails are often razor sharp and can cause scratches. They need trimming regularly. You should never use a nail file to get dirt from under your baby’s nails – use soap and a soft brush cleaner to do it during your baby’s bath time.

Baby’s fingernails grow so quickly that you may need to trim them a few times a week. Make sure just to round the edges so the corners are not sharp. Your baby’s toenails grow slightly slower than the fingernails so you may have to trim them every two weeks. They should be cut straight across to avoid ingrown toenails.

Make sure that you cut your baby’s nails while or after bathing, when the nails are softer than usual. If you decide to trim your baby’s nails when he/she is not sleeping, make sure to press your baby’s finger pad away from the nail to avoid cutting his/her skin.

Older children’s nail cutting

Older children’s nails may usually need less frequent trims. When your child is two or three years old, you may want to start cutting their nails when they are not in a deep sleep. Talk to your child while trimming their nails so that he/she understands that the nail cutting is a must and that it can be done safely, without fear of being hurt. If the task becomes a fear-free routine, your child may be ready to trim his/her nails on their own already when they are ten years old, provided that they use the right tools.

Renomed CS1 baby nail scissors – a perfect solution for children’s nail trimming

Our CS1 baby nail scissors have been designed as a perfect solution for baby nail trimming. They will make the job as easy as possible. They have special rounded tips that protect children from being hurt and prevent scratching. The nail cutting routine will become easier and worry-free if you use the right tool. The scissors can be easily sterilized or disinfected to ensure proper cleaning and hygiene.

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